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Sombrero niñas, México, maracas, fiesta
Bandera mexicana
Fiesta mexicana

One of the most important aspects of our Spanish Programs is the homestay. Daily life with a Mexican host family offers students many opportunities to practice their language skills in a comfortable relaxed environment and meet the culture first hand. Delicious

Mexican food, costums, traditions, and warm hospitality will be part of everyday’s life while in Cuernavaca.


Take advantage of the lots of practice in conversation with all the family members, friends and even neighbors. Participate in social and cultural activities with your host family and immerse into the authentic linguistic environment. Visit the neighborhood and the city and practice your new or improved Spanish skills in the bank, the grocery store, the post office, etc.


The price covers single or double accommodations with a middle-class Mexican family and one or two meals per day. depending on what you choose. If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, we can recommend you one that fits your needs, but be aware that a valuable portion of the experience is lost. Hotel rates vary from $50-$150 USD per night, depending on accommodations.

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