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Private Language Homestay Program 

Our time-tested program takes an eclectic approach which combines both traditional and current language teaching principles. It successfully develops the four language skills, grammatical reflection and the knowledge and comprehension of the Mexican culture. All instruction is provided by an experienced native speaker teacher and Spanish is the exclusive language of instruction. The program consists of three, four, or five 50 minute periods daily of Intensive Spanish classes Monday through Friday. The student will live with a Mexican host family and will take private classes at home. During the weekends, the student may enjoy optional excursions (with an extra fee) to the most representative samples of prehispanic, colonial and modern Mexico. Through this Private Language Homestay, the cultural experience highly increases and the student gains more confidence when speaking Spanish. This is a real total immersion program!

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Estudiando en la hierba, CLS Spanish classes
Intensive Group Program (max 5 students)

Five classes of 50 minutes a day are divided into two parts. From 9:00 am to 12:00 pm students learn new things, review vocabulary, practice grammar (using an inductive learning strategy), work on exercises, go over homework, etc. In the second period, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, the main activity is practicing Spanish, with activities that include conversation, watching films or television, listening to the radio and audio materials, reading newspapers, going out into the street to talk to people, and anything else that helps students put what they have learned in class into practice.

In addition to the 5 classes of 50 minutes in groups of no more than 5 students, there are also a variety of optional activities, which are cultural, recreational, and social. While these activities are optional, we strongly recommend them as the perfect complement to any Ideal program.

Amigos de la universidad, CLS Spanish classes
Regular Group Program (max 5 students)

The Regular Program is designed for those who are looking for something more relaxed (4 class hours daily M-F) This program is an excellent way to take advantage of their time in Cuernavaca to improve their Spanish, and to become familiar with Mexican culture. As with the Intensive Program, students are encouraged to participate in the optional activities.

Abogado, Professional Vocabulary Program, Spanish classes, CLS, Cuernavaca Language School
Professional Vocabulary Program (Group-Private)

This program includes 4 hours of group Spanish lessons, designed to reinforce general language skills, and a 1 hour private lesson to study professional Spanish. Professional Spanish consists of vocabulary, aspects of Mexican culture, visits to places of professional interest for the student, analysis and discussion of documents and written information when needed, and meetings with professionals in the student’s field, if deemed necessary.

La escritura del estudiante, CLS Private Program
Private Program

The Private Program is tailored to meet the student’s needs. An individual approach to language learning provides the student with an opportunity to build along with the teacher, a consistent program with his or her language learning goals, skills, pace and level of proficiency in the language, professional vocabulary needs. Select the number of class hours and schedule. 

CLS Online classes, mujer, computadora
Online Classes

Learn Spanish online with native Spanish-speaker teachers right at your own home, office, school, or anywhere with internet access. Learn using the same program and materials that have been developed through more than 40 years of experience teaching students from all over the globe. Study at your own pace and level. You can choose whichever time is best for you (8 am-8 pm Central Standard Time, Mexico)

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