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Terms and Conditions

ENROLLMENT: The $100 USD enrollment fee will be paid upon signing-up for the program. The cost of the program should be paid by the latest on the first day of classes.


PAYMENT: All prices are in US Dollars (USD), if not specified otherwise. Payments can be made in US Dollars or Pesos at the daily exchange rate. The exchange rate is consulting the bank BBVA ( taking the “sell rate”. Payments can be made in cash, bank transfers, credit card, or PayPal. Paying with credit card  there is an extra administrative fee of 3%, and PayPal of 5%.


MINIMUM AGE: The minimum age for participants is 15. Children are accepted with their parents. This clause is not valid with groups.


PROGRAM LEVELS: There are 8 Spanish levels for the regular Spanish and Culture Program. On your first day, an oral and/or written evaluation will take place to establish which level is most suitable for you. You can change levels if both your teacher and academic director are in accordance, and if it will improve the quality of your academic program.


GROUPS: For the regular Spanish and Culture Program, groups will contain no more than five pupils. The number of pupils may change, without exceeding five students, and without affecting the academic quality of the program.


PROGRAM DURATION: It is possible to extend the length of your program. All you need to do is  go to the Administration Office and pay the necessary costs before starting your extra classes.


HOSPITALITY: Your stay with a Mexican family can be reserved on a weekly or daily basis. By the first night you will have paid for the remainder of your stay. If, for some reason, you shorten your stay, you will be refunded for the corresponding amount taking in mind our CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS. There will be no refund for missed nights or meals during your stay. If you plan to stay away from the house for more than a week, you do not have to pay if at least a week's notice is given. Staying with a Mexican family does not include laundry service. There are house rules which will be issued in class on the first day.


MEDICAL  INSURANCE: Students at should have medical insurance. If necessary, the Administrative Office at the school can provide you with the details of an insurance company in Cuernavaca.


CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: The enrollment fee is non-refundable. Program fees will be refunded in full if the program is cancelled before it begins, or if the program has already started. In these cases, the program fees will be refunded, with 25% deducted for administration fees. The refund in Mexico will be in Pesos at the exchange rate from when the original payment was made.


LATE ARRIVALS AND ABSENCES: If you are going to miss a class, or are going to arrive late, please inform the school. No refund is applicable in such cases.


ABOUT YOUR CLASS: If you have any questions or complaints about your class, talk to your teacher, if it is not solved, speak with the academic director or the General Director, it is the right way to make your class a success.


ADMISSION  INTO  THE  CLASSROOMS:  reserves the right to refuse entry to those under the effects of illegal drugs or alcohol.


EXCLUSIONS: The School reserves the right to exclude students from the program who misbehave, disrespect others, or use illegal drugs as stated under the Mexican Law.


EXCURSIONS: Students that participate in excursions accept the implicit risks. Participation in such activities is voluntary and participants accept that does not have liability for accidents, natural phenomena, and conditions out of our control.

ACCEPTING THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Participation in programs and classes implies your acceptance of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions.



Cuernavaca Language School, hereinafter referred to as CLS, and its agents, directors, associates, and officers shall not be held liable for any loss, injury, death of persons, damage, accident, delays or expenses arising from the use of any travel facilities, accommodations or services provided herein. Nor its agents, directors, associates, or officers are liable for any loss, injury, death of persons, damage, accident, delays or expenses arising from acts of God, dangers incident to land, sea or air, fire, breakdown of machinery or equipment, act of government or other authorities, wars, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, changes in itinerary, weather, sickness or from any act of omission of any individual, firm or corporation furnishing transportation, sightseeing, accommodations, or any other services in connection with the programs herein. The host families are provided by CLS as a service to the student and neither the school nor the family shall be held liable for any illness or injury resulting while the student is in the CLS and/or staying with a host family or in any other place of the Cuernavaca city or Mexico. CLS highly recommends to its students to buy a travel/medical insurance before coming to Mexico. The CLS offers its services in Mexico under the specific conditions established by the Mexican Government law and the CLS policies, and it will be the responsibility of each individual coming to this institution to obtain the necessary documents and permits to leave his/her country, as well as the visa to enter Mexico. CLS reserves the right to change rates and policy without prior notice and to revise the advertised policies and schedule whenever other factors make this necessary or advisable.

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